Our Process


The jobsheet breakdown and optimisation

When you send in your job sheet, either by email or if you visit us, we will break the job down using our advanced software, and optimise it, ready to be sent to the beam saw via our LAN.


The first step of production, beam saw with sheet material etc

When our skilled beam saw operates receive the job, they proceed to cut it with millimeter precision. The saw is perfectly aligned and balanced, so therefore making sure the panels that will eventually create your kitchen, are perfectly straight. Whether you require 0.4mm, 0.8mm, 1mm, 1.3mm or 2mm front edges on your units, the beam saw will adjust itself to accommodate this.


Edgebanding the raw material

Our 2 edgebanders work side by side to ensure the finish is flawless. With our Edgebander operators working side by side, we are able to turn around jobs much quicker. One concentrates on the unseen edges, all in 0.4mm edging, whilst the other completes the edging process, edging the front edge in whichever thickness of edging tape you require. Each panel is milled using our diamond cutters, before being edged, to eliminate those tiny chips. *Unless requested we do not leave any panel exposing the chipboard core


Drilling the kitchen on CNC machines

From there, your kitchen is then passed to our CNC operator who uses the most up to date machinery and software to ensure your kitchen is pre-drilled perfectly, ready for assembling. Using the newest CAD system, any curve, angle or special unit is no match for our machine operator


The assembly process

When the machining side of the process is finished, then starts the assembling process. Our team of highly skilled cabinet makers take care and attention to each individual unit, to ensure only the best product leaves the factory


Wrapping and loading the finished product

Once it has all been built up, the team wrap each unit using corrugated paper and stack it neatly, each marked up, ready for our drivers to deliver it.



Our drivers then load the jobs onto their box vans, and deliver either to your lock up, or to site. If you require the full job, appliances, doors, worktops etc. to be delivered with the job, this can be arranged. Speak to Sam Jnr for more details. If you want to collect your kitchen, let us know, and we will have it packed and ready to go when you arrive.